On November 9, the corporate owners of KPOJ - Clear Channel - changed formats from progressive talk to sports. This was done without warning and without explanation.

KPOJ was the very first Air America outlet, launched the national radio show of Thom Hartmann, and for years has been one of the brightest stars in the constellation of progressive talk stations in America. It has remained strongly profitable with a dedicated listener base and dedicated advertising sponsors. And KPOJ's Morning Show - first with Thom Hartmann and then with Carl Wolfson - has been a source of critical commentary and news in Portland.

Please sign this petition. We'll be in touch with news and more that you can do.

We believe that this decision by Clear Channel management can be reversed. We can - and will - demonstrate that progressive talk radio in Portland has a dedicated listener base.

Got questions?

  • Can this decision really be reversed? We're going to find out. In San Diego, efforts to save KLSD failed. But in Madison, the campaign to save WMMX succeeded. And in San Francisco, Green 960 dropped it's all-progressive lineup, but kept Randi Rhodes - alongside Glenn Beck (go figure).

  • What if we fail? That might happen. It might even be likely. But by demonstrating the size and commitment of our audience, another company and another station might see an opportunity to succeed with progressive talk.

  • Who's behind this effort? It's being kicked off by local political consultant and BlueOregon blogger Kari Chisholm, who has been a weekly Tuesday morning guest on KPOJ for over seven years. But this campaign belongs to you, and we're just getting started.

Sign the Petition to Clear Channel Management

620 KPOJ was a respected and profitable station with dedicated listeners and advertisers. KPOJ's local programming also played an important role in our community, connecting elected officials and advocates with listeners across the region.

We strongly urge you to bring back progressive talk radio in Portland, Oregon.

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Posted on November 9, 2012.